16 October 2017

Time flies

Just realised it has been a full year without a post! Harry is at an age where he is more particular about what photos are shared, which we respect and encourage as he reaches an age where online safety is paramount. May be time to give this site a complete overhaul and hand over the reins?


06 September 2016

More books!

Harry and mum went on a big roadtrip in August - pics to come later once organized! Meanwhile, here are some of the books he read in the car. There is at least one more Starfleet Academy book, and possibly others that got mislaid along the way...

  1. Alcatraz #1: Evil Librarians
  2. Just Joking
  3. Just Annoying
  4. Island of Dr. Libris
  5. Land of Stories: Wishing Spell
  6. Land of Stories #2: The Enchantress Returns
  7. Land of Stories #3: A Grimm Warning
  8. Land of Stories #4: Beyond the Kingdoms
  9. Land of Stories #5: Author’s Oddyssey
  10. Book Scavenger
  11. Elementia Chronicles #3: Herobrine’s Message
  12. Frank Einstein and the Anti Matter Motor
  13. Internet Detectives: Net Bandits
  14. Inspector Flytrap: The President’s Mane is Missing
  15. Middle School #6: Save Rafe
  16. Bunnicula Strikes Again
  17. The Celery Stalks at Midnight
  18. Middle School the Worst Years of my Life
  19. Happy Birthday Bad Kitty
  20. Ghosthunters and the Totally Moldy Baroness
  21. Ghosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost
  22. Starfleet Academy #9: Nova Command


12 August 2016

The Wizard of Oz!

Another successful theatre camp performance for Harry - and this time he had a real star turn!

This year's ACTE August performance was Wicked, and Harry got to be the Wizard of Oz! He had quite a few lines, remembered them all, and delivered them with force and emotion!

He was in the ensemble numbers too, of course:

But when the Wizard took to the stage - that's when things got exciting for Harry's adoring fans!

The whole cast was just terrific.

So proud of you Harry!


17 July 2016


More for the list! The last five - yet another Rick Riordan series - were to be for his two weeks at camp, but he finished them all on Friday of the first week. Hoping he gets more involved in camp activities with nothing new to read!

  1. The Trials of Apollo #1: The Hidden Oracle
  2. Mr Lemoncello’s Library Olympics
  3. No Other Story
  4. Sidekicked
  5. My Brother the Superhero
  6. My Life as a Gamer
  7. Elementia #1: Elementia Chronicles
  8. Elementia #2: The New Order
  9. Timmy Failure #1: Mistakes Were Made
  10. Timmy Failure #2: Now Look What You’ve Done
  11. Timmy Failure #3: We Meet Again
  12. Timmy Failure #4: Sanitized for Your Protection
  13. The Heroes of Olympus #1: The Lost Hero
  14. The Heroes of Olympus #2: The Son of Neptune
  15. The Heroes of Olympus #3: The Mark of Athena
  16. The Heroes of Olympus #4: The House of Hades
  17. The Heroes of Olympus #5: The Blood of Olympus


16 July 2016


Time for summer fun at Unicamp! Harry was in Cedar again this year (for his first week, at least).

At our "laundry day" visit today, he was feeling a bit homesick, and wanted to come home "just for the night," but spending a bit of time together soothed his nerves.

The talent show, as always, was amazing...

And Harry won the award for being a voracious reader!

We took a little walk around Shelburne while waiting for the laundry to dry. The town's founder was named William Jelly! There is even a Jelly Street.

New this year: Unicamp has goats! Better than a lawnmower! They are enthusiastic about their work, as well.

All in all, a lovely place to be!

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05 June 2016

Neither rain nor...

Nothing will keep this kid off his bike!


19 May 2016

Book update!

Harry keeps reading! Here are another couple dozen for the list:

  1. Maxx Comedy
  2. Heromice: The Invisible Thief
  3. Geronimo Stilton: The Race Against Time
  4. Swindle: Unleashed
  5. Redwall: The Long Patrol
  6. Scooby Doo: The Secret of the Flying Saucer
  7. Redwall: Marlfox
  8. Schooled
  9. The Last Dragon Chronicles #1: The Fire Within
  10. The Last Dragon Chronicles #2: Icefire
  11. Almost Super
  12. Legends of Bionicle #1: Island of Doom
  13. Legends Of Bionicle #2: Dark Destiny
  14. Spaceheadz #4: SPHDZ 4 Life!
  15. Cavemice: My Autosaurus Will Win!
  16. Geronimo Stilton: The Hunt for the Secret Papyrus
  17. Heromice: The Perilous Plants
  18. The 39 Clues: Unstoppable #3: Countdown
  19. The 39 Clues: Cahills vs Vespers: Shatterproof
  20. House of Robots
  21. Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian
  22. File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents
  23. Benjamin Franklin: Huge Pain in my…
  24. House of Robots #2: Robots go Wild!
  25. Spacemice #6: The Underwater Planet
  26. Spacemice #7: Beware! Space Junk!
  27. Geronimo Stilton: Mouse Overboard!


08 May 2016

Master Chef

For Mother's Day, Harry cooked dinner all by himself!

Yes, it's mac and cheese from a box! Not super gourmet, but made with love by one proud kid.


07 May 2016

More fun with math

A funny math story:

Harry likes to hang out after school in the playground with some buddies. They have a "gang hut" which is actually a picnic table that they stand on and push each other off of (a la "king of the castle") and have great fun letting one kid's baby sister be the "strongest" of the bunch. (The rule is that you can only push someone off if they can land on their feet; they love it.)

The other day, there was a dispute of sorts and tensions were running a bit high prior to a popsicle intervention at Dom's. Turns out, the issue was competing scores on a math test that Harry had devised for the other kids - no one did very well, as it was all multiplication of 2- and 3-digit numbers (they are mostly in grade 3 and some grade 2s, except for the aforementioned baby sister who is in JK).

Who knew they were doing math tests? Answer: other parents! One of them told me, "Oh yeah, my kid comes home all the time with math tests crumpled up in his pockets, all written out by Harry."

I guess kids will get their math fun where they can find it!


20 March 2016

Math Kangaroo day!

Today was Math Kangaroo! Harry's third year participating in the competition. Hoping for another medal this year!

Before the competition started, there was an interesting display in the lobby. Quite intriguing.

Afterwards he got a certificate for participating - and showed me the drawings he did when he finished early.

Then, it was off for a celebration lunch! Archetypal Harry photo: reading and eating California rolls.

Now, we have to wait for the results!